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About us

Firma MyWam

Let us present our new website that has been made especially for you. Our aim was to create, not only a simple product presentation, but a tool that would gather all the important information about our products and services.On the website, in addition to the essential knowledge, we are sharing with you ourexperience that we have gained during many years of working in rehabilitation field.

MyWam company was established in 2009. From the very beginning our goal was to supply good quality rehabilitation equipment for kids with disabilities, and this is what we specialise in.

Our priority is to treat each patient individually and create personal relationship. Thanks to this approach we are able to gather all the vital patient information from parents, rehabilitants and doctors. Thorough analysis allows us to select the most suitable rehabilitation equipment that will meet your child’s needs.

In 2010 we have established new business relationship with Polish manufacturer of orthotics, ERHEM company with headquarter in Dębica. By joining all our forces we areworking together to bring to the market new orthopaedic products with modern designs and innovative solutions.

MyWam company is also an official distributor of HKAFO Kids and ROTHO suit products. Furthermore, from 2012 we are the main representative for ERHEM orthotics in Poland.

By employing highly qualified and licenced physiotherapists, we are making all possible effort to supply you with best quality assistance and products.Our mission is to assist you with best knowledge and experience, so that the products we offer contribute to health improvement of our dear patients.

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