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Description of stroller
The "Mewa" special purpose stroller is designed for children who are unable to walk or sit in the correct position as a result of injury or another condition.

With adjustable pads, the backrest can be optimized to the child‘s needs and will provide the right security. Large wheels (gel-filled or pumped), with shock absorbers of rear as well as front wheels, facilitate comfortable travel on uneven ground.

The buggy offers seat and backrest angle adjustment, so-called ´cradle´, which will help you put the child in the right position, making sure that the pressure is distributed evenly.

Mewa is also fitted with a table that can be used for feeding, exercising or playing. Abduction belts stabilize the pelvis and secure the child from sliding out of the buggy.
  • - paralysis and paresis of lower limbs, of various origin
  • - paralysis and paresis of torso
  • - weakening of postural muscles responsible for maintaining proper body position, most commonly caused by such conditions as:
    • +cerebral palsy
    • +myelomeningocele
    • +muscle dystrophias
Cradle! or the ability to tilt the seat together with backrest, thus ensuring an ergonomic sitting position for the child.
backrest adjustment to horizontal position
the seat can be used forward or back to the direction of travel
therapeutic table with protective edge or handle (mounted instead of the table)
breast and lumbar pads, with adjustments
abduction belts

Full range of equipment!!!
folding frame with detachable seat
5-point safety belt
adjustable canopy with window
central brake
shock absorption for all the 4 wheels
directional lock of front wheels
push bar inclination adjustment
adjustable and folding footrest

and much more
Selectable options: 2 types of material (alcantara or synthetic) and 4 upholstery color schemes:
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NOTE: The information in this leaflet is provided for convenience and education purposes only and therefore:
  1. such information does not constitute a commercial proposal (quotation) within the meaning of commercial law,
  2. such information cannot be the basis for taking decisions about taking up treatment, withdrawal from treatment or other medical procedures,
  3. the information should be interpreted by a medical professional,
  4. the products may be modified by the manufacturer without notice.


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